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Sinclair is the leading source of sex education videos for adults who want to improve the quality of intimacy and sex in their relationships. Since 1991, Sinclair has developed an extensive library of videos covering everything from advanced sexual positions to erectile dysfunction solutions. Our best selling Better Sex Video Series, has sold more than four million videos in over 24 countries and our well developed video library contains more than 50 titles, making Sinclair a leading authority on helping couples improve their relationship through better sex. Sinclair videos allow individuals to learn about sexuality topics in the privacy of their own home in a format recommended by therapists.

Working with a diverse team of professional sex educators and therapists, we create products that work by fostering communication and creativity between partners. Our videos address topics that many people find difficult or embarrassing to discuss-even with their partners. Sinclair videos feature commentary by sexuality experts, which is then explicitly illustrated by typical couples who demonstrate key elements, skills and techniques in an honest, realistic and sensitive manner. The Sinclair Institute understands the need for quality sexual health education and is committed to helping couples overcome the wide range of barriers that affect the quality of sexual relationships.

Dr. Eli Coleman

Dr. Eli Coleman is chair of the Sinclair Institute Advisory Council.

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Statistics reveal:

  • Couples who watch sexually explicit videos enjoy a more satisfying sex life. Eighty-four percent of women and 82 percent of men reported experiencing positive changes in their sexual relationships after viewing the Better Sex Video Series.1
  • The majority of couples are not satisfied with their sex life. Seven years into marriage, three-quarters of couples say they are dissatisfied with their sex lives and might consider straying.2
  • Partners seldom discuss their sexual desires. Only 41 percent of women said they have ever discussed their sex life with their partners or told them what turns them on according to a survey undertaken by the University of Chicago.
  • 48 percent of women report difficulties in becoming aroused. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 48 percent of women reported that they sometimes had difficulty becoming aroused; 46 percent reported intermittent difficulties in reaching orgasm; and 15 percent were completely unable to have an orgasm.3
  • Couples don't know how to communicate about sex. Sexuality research studies conducted by leading universities across the country consistently confirm that sex is the single most difficult topic for couples to discuss.
  • Videos can help couples learn to communicate more effectively. Therapists, particularly marriage counselors, have found videos to be one of the most successful communication tools available, especially when dealing with difficult-to-discuss topics. More than 90 percent of the couples who watch sexually explicit videotapes during a study conducted at Northeast Louisiana University said viewing the tapes sparked communication about the issues and behaviors on the tapes.
  • Failing Marriages. In 1996, more than 1,150,000 marriages ended in divorce and 43 percent of all new marriages are expected to end in divorce.


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